The Ultimate Sailing Experience


CREW - how many people on board

In order to maximise participation and learning environment we limit the crew to 6 people.. We have experienced that children younger then 12 years and people who have difficulty moving won't enjoy the experience as much as we'ld like them to.

SLEEPING on board

Apart from our multiple day oceantrips and -races we do not offer overnight accomodation on board of our yachts. See <events> for our accomodation/sailing packages.


The onboard language is either english or dutch. Ben Harmsen also speaks german and swedish, Richard van der Veen french and spanish.


Please take with you:
-shoes with antislip soles (non-black), Crogs are ideal
-suncream, sunglasses and cap.
-jacket, pullover
We provide lifejackets.


Please let us know in advance when:
-you are not fit or have limited mobility
-you suffer from a disease as epilepsy, a disability, giddy spells, asthma, diabetes,
 angina or other heart condition
you are not able to swim 50 meters.


Our yachts are safety coded by the Portugese Maritime Authorities (IPTM). All the safety
equipment is inspected every year. Please note that  the skippers holds full
responsibility for the ship and her crew, and  therefore always will be in command.


As with every outdoor activity sailing is not without personal risks. Our RYA qualified
skippers are trained in minimising these risks. We don't leave dock without proper
instructions and a safety brief. At sea all handling is done fromout the cockpit. If crew
needs to go on deck they will be clipped on.  It's the skippers decision to cancel a trip or
return to port early whenever circumstances or forecasts demand so.


You will need to have a personal insurance to cover any possible personal medical, hospital, accident costs and loss in anyway of any personal belongings. Most travelinsurances will cover this.